It’s amazing how fast the permanent makeup industry is progressing. Even more impressive is how far we have come when it comes to eyebrows. We are living in a time where sparse and thin eyebrows are no longer a problem. First, microblading took the fashion industry by storm, and those who were dubious about it got another option on a platter – powder brows. 

Powder brows, also known as ombre brows, garnered a lot of fans in a short period, mainly because of their reputation for giving natural results. However, a lot of people are still doubtful, especially those whose ultimate fear is getting extremely exaggerated and bold eyebrows. The fear is understandable, but not right. To educate all the potential clients of powder brows, we are putting your worries to rest and let you know for sure if powder brows look natural or not. 

What are Powder Eyebrows?

Powder brows are a permanent procedure that fills in brows using cosmetic-grade ink and a device. Powder brows were named after their soft powder effect. Think of powder makeup and how it blends into the skin to give a very subtle and muted appearance. Your eyebrows take on the same appearance after the procedure. 

What makes powder brows so unique and hyped is their shading technique. 

What Is the Procedure of Powder Eyebrows?

The procedure for powder brows involves a fine needle. It’s pertinent that you only trust a skilled, trained, and reputed artist for the job. This fine needle is used to deposit pigment into the skin in rapid hand motion. Unlike microblading, in which hair strokes are mimicked using a needle, powder brows are achieved using a dotted technique. When the artist needs to bring more density into the eyebrows, they layer the dots repeatedly, giving it the same look as you’d get from pencil-filling your brows. 

Our experienced artists at Bre’s Everlasting Beauty know not to make any layer darker or denser than the other. The pigment needs to be even and match the natural hair color of the client, as closely as possible. 

How Long Do Powder Brows Last?

Powder brows last the longest, compared to other permanent eyebrow procedures. On average, it lasts between 24 months to 36 months. The better you care for your powder browse the week following the procedure, the longer they last. 

Other factors that prevent the powder brows from fading faster are protection from the sun, less sweating, and fewer chemical peels. If you take any skin medication oral or topical, that breaks down the skin cells faster, your powder brows might fade faster too. 

Do Powder Brows Look Natural?

At the tail end of the high-definition brows trend of the early eighties, came the trend of natural brows. Fortunately for us, one of the biggest appeals of powder brows is that they look natural. Due to the dotting and layering technique of the powder brows, the pigment blends nicely with the real brows and results in very natural-looking beautiful brows. 

In addition to the technique, powder brows also aim to keep the pigment even and subtle, instead of dark and bold. This is further ensured by the fact that powder brows use a digital machine that keeps the application even and in a soft, pixelated manner. In a hand-held tool, it is the technician’s hand that decides the density of the pigment. 

The soft pixels combined with the layering give the eyebrows a powdery, velvety appearance, making them look naturally pretty. The pixels also allow giving the eyebrows a nice shape with soft curves instead of sharp edges. 

To put your worries to rest, let us assure you that powder brows look the same as if you used a soft pencil to shade your brows. Right after the procedure, your brows will appear dark, but it’s superficial and after a few days, it will fade into a powdery finish. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Powder Brows?

Now that we know powder brows look natural and perfect, the next big question is, who is a good candidate for it. 

Unlike other eyebrow treatments, powder brows do not have any restrictions. Most people are good candidates for them. People of all skin types and all kinds of eyebrows can benefit from powder brows. It is especially recommended for those who work under the sun and are disqualified for other treatments. 

The only ones who might not be good candidates are those suffering from medical conditions and disallowed by their doctors. 

What Should I Know Before the Treatment?

If you ever find yourself walking towards a salon for the powder brows, there are a few things you must know beforehand:

  • Do your research! Be as thorough as possible when it comes to choosing your makeup artist. If you happen to be Houston, Bre’s Everlasting Beauty is one of the most reputed places for powder brows.
  • Make sure your artist is licensed and trained. Experience and innovativeness will ensure even better brows. 
  • If you are on medication or suffering from any medical condition, discuss it with your doctor and your makeup artist. 
  • No coffee and alcohol for at least 48-hours before the procedure. 
  • Blood thinners can make the procedure painful and must be avoided for 24-hours before and after the procedure.
  • Must not tan at least 3 days before the procedure 
  • If you’ve had any chemical peels or facial procedures 2-weeks before the appointment, you won’t qualify. 

What are the Benefits of Powder Brows?

The pros of powder brows are endless. Some of the most liked ones are:

  • They last longer than any other brow treatment and need minimum touch-ups
  • It’s suitable for all skin types, including oily skin
  • Powder brows fade evenly and naturally until they completely disappear. 
  • The brow looks the most natural amongst all other procedures and yet much more defined. 

Powder brows have changed the lives of people who always wanted to rock naturally amazing brows. If you too want that, reach out to Bre’s Everlasting Beauty and get your dream brows.