When the term microblading entered the makeup industry for the first time, everyone thought it was just another internet trend that would soon die out.

That was before we realized how microblading was changing people’s lives. Not only was this novel tattooing method offering utmost convenience, natural beauty, and confidence, it was also spreading hopes amongst men and women who had entirely given up on trying to enhance their facial features.

People went from judging and dreading the procedure to considering it getting it for themselves. After all, the thought of sleeping longer every morning, only to wake up looking picture-perfect, certainly has its appeal.

If you are here, it’s safe to assume that you can’t deny the perks of eyebrow microblading, and you’re at a stage where you are researching and educating yourself on the subject.

In that case, you are in the right place, because we are going to dig deep into the aftercare of microblading and find answers to questions like “how much time does microblading take to heal for real?” or “How long does microblading last?

While you’d notice a difference in your eyebrows right after the procedure, the real and final look emerges after the healing process. So sit back, relax, and let’s get to it..

How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal?

How Long Does Microblading Take to Heal (5)

Microblading takes almost four weeks to heal and come into its ultimate form. The healing procedure begins as soon as you step out of the clinic of your permanent makeup artist. Some people get completely healed eyebrows in 3 weeks, others take longer. The speed of healing is different for different people. It depends on factors such as age, skin type, aftercare, and overall health.

In the first two weeks, your now semi-permanent eyebrows will change in appearance as the ink settles in your skin and heals. You could notice the change in the color, the definition, and the texture of the eyebrows.

This is important to know as not to panic when you see your eyebrows changing every day. It’s all part of the healing procedure.

During the healing stage, it’s completely normal to experience some itching, flaking, and scabbing into the eyebrow region. Just like regular tattoos, your skin would feel slightly tender. As days will pass, these sensations will subside and in no time, your skin will completely heal and you’d forget that you ever got anything done on your eyebrows.

The Healing Stages of Microblading

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There aren’t any exact number of days that define the healing process from microblading. As mentioned before, they differ from person to person. Most commonly, the healing goes through 6 stages. Some people experience all these stages, others experience overlapping of several stages, and some people entirely skip some healing phases.

The stages include:

· Stage 1: Swollen eyebrows

· Stage 2. Flaking and Scabbing

· Stage 3. Light and almost vanishing eyebrows

· Stage 4. Dark and patchy eyebrows

· Stage 5. Touch-up Required

· Stage 6. Complete Recovery

During these stages, the beginning stage is where you need to take most care of your freshly tattooed eyebrows. If that is done right, the next couple of stages of healing goes flawlessly.

What to Expect

At Bre’s Everlasting Beauty, we make sure our clients are well-informed and educated on what to expect right after the procedure. The more you know what to do at each step, the better your results would be and the easier your healing process.

Here’s what you need to expect at every stage of your healing:

Stage 1 (1-5 days)

This healing stage comes right after microblading. Since the procedure is extremely fresh, the eyebrows are dark and tender. People with sensitive skin should also expect some swelling. It’s all completely normal and should be taken in stride. Redness and slight tenderness are also to be expected, yet it varies in different people. Some people don’t get any redness, while others experience quite a lot of it.

At this stage, it is highly recommended that you keep your eyebrows as dry and clean as possible. Around the 4th or 5th day, you’d start to feel itchy. You’d be provided with an aftercare ointment and you are to apply it in a rice grain amount. Use clean hands and a cotton swab for the application.

Make sure the tattoo is completely dry before you apply a thin layer of the ointment. This application is to continue until your eyebrows stop scabbing.

Stage 2 (6-8 days)

This stage will have loads of scabbing and flaking. It’s a good sign that your eyebrows are healing nicely. Avoid picking the scabs and let them heal naturally, or else you might experience scarring and patchy results.

Stage 3 (Day 9-12)

Around this time, the brows slow down with the scabbing and peeling. As a result, you’d notice your eyebrows getting a lot lighter. Some people will experience eyebrows so light; they almost disappear. Again, this is a good sign of healing and nothing to panic over.

Stage 4 (day 12-21)

By this point, there will be no more scabbing. The eyebrows will appear light at first but then retain pigment and slowly appear a lot darker and a little patchy. By the 14 or 15th day, tenderness and redness will be completely gone and the eyebrows can be exposed to water again. Showering and washing face can continue as you normally would.

Stage 5 (day 21-28)

After the third week, the road to healing is only going to get easier and better. The brows will take a nicer pigment, neither too dark nor too light. You’d also notice a tasteful and more pronounced shape. We’d call you for a touch-up around this stage to give your eyebrows some more definition, shape, and pigment. Your eyebrows still won’t be perfect, so have patience and wait for the eventual results. 

Stage 6 (day 28-30 days)

This is when you’d get the last look and you’d notice it yourself. You’d finally see that perfect balance of color, thickness, and shape that make your eyebrows Instagram-worthy yet completely natural-looking. Just the way you have always wanted them to be.

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Remember that post-care treatment is vital for getting the best results and assisting you in the healing journey. For the best-looking eyebrows, permanent makeup solutions, and experienced practitioners, don’t forget to check out Bre’s Everlasting Beauty.