Lips that are well-rounded and well-defined are featured admired across the globe. But unfortunately, only a handful of us are born with naturally lush lips. But things are changing. The constant pursuit of innovation and technology has made it possible to resolve and improve many aspects of our lives. And looking good is certainly one of them!

These days, anyone can get well-rounded and lush-looking lips including the option to choose any hue that best suits them using methods such as lip blushing. 

Lip Blush – What’s All The Fuss About?

Having gorgeous lips whether you were born with them or not is now possible due to the introduction of a cosmetic treatment known as lip blushing. It does not make your lip well-rounded but it certainly gives the illusion of fuller lips. The process also helps give your lip a more enhanced outline while still keeping its natural features intact.

Lip blushing is one of the many short-term makeup procedures that have been introduced in the makeup industry in recent years. It incorporates the use of safe cosmetic-grade ink. This ensures the process is organic and pure.

Tattooing and lip blushing are closely related but lip blushing is a cosmetic enhancement everyone can avail. Still, the treatment can send chills down your spine considering it uses needles on your lips, raising questions such as how much does lip blush hurt? In this article, we will learn more about it:

The Process Of Lip Blushing

As a short-term makeup treatment, the procedure of lip blush is closely related to tattooing. It helps provide better definition and it also helps reorient lips that are deformed. However, the process of lip blushing isn’t even close to being as painful as getting a tattoo. Just like ombre eyebrows and microblading, lip blushing makes your lips look flawless regardless of whether you have applied any cosmetic product or not. 

The Procedure Of Lip Blushing Explained

The first thing the esthetician would do is to make a blueprint of your lips. They will then mark and draft the intended look of your lips. After that, one can select a hue for the colorant that will suit them best. While choosing the hue keep in mind the color of your skin and how it will compliment your lips. Certain skin tones complement certain hues so always do a bit of research before committing to a shade.

How Painful Is The Procedure?

As compared to eyebrows, lips are more vulnerable and sensitive, as a result, you might feel some pain during the treatment. The pain felt by an individual is subjective and depends on your pain tolerance. It will also depend on the technique and skill of your esthetician. 

Most of our clients at Bre’s Beauty Boutique experience pain levels of 3 to 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. On the other hand, we often come across some clients who feel little to no pain during or after the process.

The application of numbing cream also greatly helps in reducing the sensation of pain. Anesthesia can also be administered by some estheticians to eliminate pain, but it costs an extra amount. 

You can use Tylenol or any other pain reliever if you haven’t ever gotten a tattoo before. It is recommended to take them before the procedure. Some medications that you should avoid are aspirin and ibuprofen, as they are known to thin blood and can increase the sensations of pain during the treatment. Fish oil and vitamin E supplements are also not to be consumed since they can aggravate the pain during the procedure.

The recommended procedure uses an anesthetic because it makes the treatment painless and speeds it up. Do not hesitate to ask the esthetician to stop the treatment, if at any point you feel the pain is intolerable. Although this should rarely be the case.

The Aftermath Of The Procedure

Bleeding and swelling are common aftermaths of this procedure so you should remain prepared. Although, it should stop within minutes after the procedure is completed.

The final results will be visible once the lips have healed. The healing will take around 2 weeks.

Your esthetician will give you a set of guidelines to follow, to help in the upkeep of your lips. You will be administered medications and products such as balms and antiseptic mouth rinse. Make sure to use these as recommended to get the best results.

The Advantages Of Lip Blushing 

Lip Blushing is popular among clients due to several reasons but the most apparent reason is the lush and vibrant color it brings to your lips. The outline of your lips is more enhanced and silhouetted to give you an original and organic look. There are other reasons as well such as:

  • You no longer need to constantly maintain your lipstick
  • You do not need to worry about lipstick seeping into the fine lines around your mouth.
  • Saves you from embarrassing moments like lipstick on the teeth.
  • It can remove former blemishes since they will be hidden under the colorant used in lip blushing.  

Who Should Opt For Lip Blushing?

There are no curbs on who can get the lip blushing treatment. However, if you are someone with faintly colored or bleached lips, you should definitely opt for this treatment. People who have blemishes, discoloration, pigmentation, and deformed lips would also benefit greatly from the procedure. 

Why Choose Bre’s Everlasting Beauty?

Highly professional permanent makeup salons, such as Bre’s Everlasting Beauty, in Houston, TX, take extreme measures to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible and consult with clients throughout the process.

Certain guidelines are followed to ensure a top-quality experience. Our expert artists will only start the procedure once the lip area is completely numb and if they see you squirm at any point they will immediately pause the procedure. Additional numbing cream or another dose of anesthesia is applied to make sure you remain comfortable. 

Having lush, beautiful lips in a hue that best suits your skin tone is now easier than ever thanks to procedures like lip blushing