While microneedling has become a household name, its much improved and elevated cousin is making rapid waves on the sidelines. The astonishing results of microchanneling have made it one of the most sought-after skin treatments. Professionals and clients alike agree that it is one of the best paths to take towards gorgeous, renewed skin and that too non-invasively.  

But what exactly is Microchanneling and what does it help with, let’s find out more about this revolutionary skin therapy:

What is Microchanneling

The logic behind microchanneling is similar to microneedling, but the procedure and the device used for it are different. It is a non-invasive procedure that invigorates our body’s natural function to produce collagen. It also stimulates the production of elastin and various other building blocks that contribute to healthy skin. Microchanneling affects the outermost layer of the skin, which triggers our body to start producing all the good stuff to heal and strengthen our skin.

With all the healthy components producing in great numbers, the skin becomes thicker, smoother, and much more youthful. The best part about this procedure is that it has minimal downtime. What happens during microchanneling is that the uppermost layer of the skin is penetrated with microneedles. This creates micro channels on the skin. To fill up these micro-channels, the skin is forced to generate new skin cells. The practitioners also apply a serum that contains stem cells and nourishes the cells with all the good nutrients our skin needs.

We understand that the procedure might sound too intense, but it is one of the most comfortable skin procedures and safe after the candidate has been properly evaluated and approved for it.

So how does microchanneling stimulate collagen production, and what happens during the procedure?

The Procedure

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The practitioner begins by applying numbing cream on your face. Microchanneling involves a device with extremely thin needles, almost as thin as a strand of your hair. These needles are used to puncture the uppermost layer of the skin, hence triggering the immune system to instantly cope up by generating collagen and elastin. A hand-held device is used to puncture the skin, in a stamping motion with needles. It is considered much better than derma-rolling since it prevents dragging on the skin and causing unnecessary marks in case of malpractice. 

The stamp guarantees extremely controlled and precise application on the skin, helping to target areas that most need the treatment. It also helps practitioners prevent micro-tears on the skin. The gentle yet accurate penetration on the skin provides excellent results, as it moves past the dead skin, allowing it to shed quickly so that new and much healthier skin cells can replace it. 


As we mentioned earlier, the downtime of microchanneling is less to none. Right after the procedure, your skin might appear red and a bit yellow. However, by the time you get home, your skin will retain its original pallor and after that, your skin will only get better.


While the microchanneling procedure is non-invasive and relatively safe, there are a few precautions involved to ensure the utmost wellbeing of the client, and the best results.

Here are the precautions you need to take before the procedure:

  • Stop the usage of all kinds of retinoids, Retin-A products at least 3 days before the treatment.
  • before the treatment. If you do have a sunburn or have been using a tanning bed, delay the procedure by a week or two.
  • At the time of consultation, inform your practitioner of all the skincare products/medicine you are taking topically and orally. They might ask you to stop them for a while until after the procedure.
  •  Upon evaluation, a few candidates might require antiviral medication before undergoing the treatment to prevent cold sores and blisters.
  • Your skin shouldn’t be sensitive before the procedure; hence it is best to avoid complete exposure to the sun at least 2 days
  • It is highly discouraged to test any new skincare products on your face at least a week before the treatment.

What Does Microchanneling Help With

We have already addressed and understood how microchanneling works, but we have yet to learn who is it best for and what kind of skin ailments can be treated using this therapy.

It is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to smoothen out their skin imperfections including texture, dullness, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. Anyone who is battling aging and premature aging will also find this treatment astonishingly beneficial.

The innovative technique, foolproof device, and powerfully packed serums are combined to produce maximum benefits. This procedure neither harms healthy cells nor interferes with the natural curves of the face. It only just penetrates the dead skin cells, to make way for newer, healthier ones.   

The benefits of micro-channeling are endless and here are just some of the skin problems it helps with

Enhancing Absorption

If you are applying extremely beneficial products on your face, the results will be tenfold if the absorption is good. When the skin is penetrated by microneedles, it boosts absorption by over 300%. This is the reason most practitioners apply nutrient-packed serums right after the procedure when the skin is most likely to take it deep into the skin. This helps reduce scar tissues and reduce fine lines.

Skin Texture

Years of sun exposure and acne leave a texture behind. Microchanneling is one of the best treatments out there that helps to smoothen the texture. It does so by achieving collagen production and producing healthier skin cells. Besides the texture, the overall look of the skin improves greatly with microchanneling. 


Aging leaves our skin with fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. Microchanneling is one of the few procedures that work tremendously to reduce their appearance. If you take the treatment in your mid-20’s you can delay these wrinkles for a long time. It is a lack of collagen that produces wrinkles. When your collagen production is jump-started again, the current wrinkles improve and the future fine lines batted away.

Procell Microchanneling in Houston,TX

These are just some of the many benefits of this new and improved skin-care technique. You can revive your dead and dull skin completely with microchanneling and best of all, you see the results right away. If you’re looking for an excellent microchanneling practitioner in Houston, Texas, reach out to Bre’s Everlasting and enjoy your own journey towards better skin.